Friday, August 19, 2011

// analog adventure // flower power

Captured some pretty flowers (and my feet again) with my film camera!
Enjoy and have lovely weekend, any plans? *K


  1. Oh my goodness..They are beautiful, sweetie. Have a great weekend:) We are going to enjoy a local food festival this weekend:) Muah

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, have a lovely weekend :) xo

  3. Ich mag Rollfilm einfach, man weiß nie, was letztendlich dabei herauskommt und die Farben sind oft so speziell, dass es eine Freude ist, Bilder anzuschauen.

    Wochenende? Freibad, natürlich. :)
    Und du?

  4. i just stumbled onto your blog from Village and I'm so happy I did! you have a beautiful spot on the internet... i love these pictures.

  5. These are great! Such lovely gardens too!

  6. love how film turns out!! so warm and lovely


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